Living Hope Service 2013


Themed red, the Living Hope graduation service was marked by ecstatic praise and worship today, 4 October. 200 precious women gathered to celebrate the love of Christ and the great things God has done for them. The celebration inspired hope and fired up the ladies in their service to The Lord. They were reminded of…

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Tour Details


Watoto is excited to launch a brand new initiative by Living Hope, the Return To Dignity Tour. Marilyn Skinner, co-founder of Watoto, will be traveling across the world to mobilise women, so they can make a tangible difference in the lives of our sisters in Africa. Dates and venues for this tour are listed below.…

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Introducing Return To Dignity


Every little girl has a dream; a dream of one day growing up, of having a career, and finding a husband that will treat her with love and respect. She dreams of forming her own family, of having her own home and finding security. But many women in Africa never get that chance. Their dreams…

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A Woman Who Loves: Viola Lutara


We’re thrilled to share this heartfelt article on Viola Lutara – Director of Watoto’s Living Hope by She Loves Magazine. We are honoured to introduce Viola Lutara to you today, a SheLovely after our own heart. As the Director of Living Hope, Viola works to restore dignity to abandoned and widowed women living in Kampala…

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Return To Dignity Gift Set


For a small donation, you will receive this beautiful book, a DVD with a short documentary about Living Hope, a handmade bag, and a bracelet made by a Living Hope woman in Uganda. You can purchase the book as part of the complete gift set or separately. Click here for the web store. **All proceeds…

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Living Hope Documentary


‘Agaro Anima’ is a phrase commonly used in this beautiful video. It means “I believe in my future,” and is used as an expression of hope by many women from northern Uganda who are, or have been, a part of the Living Hope program. The video introduces us to some of the women who are…

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Living Hope Graduation


The 7th Living Hope Kampala graduation took place on Friday, 3 Aug 2012. The graduation was the first of its kind with two semesters combined. The service was an engaging one as some of the ladies shared their testimonies on forgiveness, love, tithing among the many things they will take away with them from the…

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Mother’s Day 2013


Separated from her husband and left to take care of her 8 children on her own, Ruth Mirembe faced the daunting task of survival. Her husband had evicted her from their family home, claiming that she was not profitable to him because she had given birth to only 3 boys out of the 8 children…

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Super Momma – Jane Nakiberu


Her children rise and call her blessed… Proverbs 31:28 “I love my mother because she has changed the story of my life. When I came to Watoto, I was very sick and looking so bad. My mother has lovingly nursed me and now I have a smile on my face.  She is patient even when…

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Peanut Butter From Northern Uganda


Peanut Butter, known as ‘Odii’ in Uganda, is a delicious sandwich filler, made completely from natural ingredients. It is derived from a mixture of roasted groundnuts (peanuts) and simsim (sesame) seeds. It is commonly used as a sandwich filler, but also in various local Ugandan dishes. Peanut Butter production is one of the projects that…

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